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Websites are wonderful!

Websites have become increasingly sophisticated and enabled us to achieve an array of tasks that would having taken far longer to complete in the past. And as web developers, we put energy into crafting beautiful user centred content for clients to help engage their audience.

How can we encourage users to continually engage with our online content?

One way is using MailChimp. Put simply, MailChimp is a campaign driven email marketing tool that pushes your content to users. Campaign - basically a fancy way of saying 'newsletter', allows you to share latest posts, promotions, offers, thoughts etc. with your users. As much as we'd like to believe users actively visit our sites regularly - often they need gentle encouragement! Step one is getting users to subscribe to your newsletter. This is perhaps the most tricky bit and can take some time - especially if this is a new business. Gaining subscribers can be done via a form on your social media channels and via your website. Emails can also be collected at trade shows and when users purchase products/services via your website. Once you have some subscribers, you can start building campaigns and growing your audience.

Want to find out more about how MailChimp can help? We offer Basic MailChimp set up, as well as weekly/monthly newsletter creation.

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